On-Time Mail Delivery Rate Among Best in Area, at 93%

Southern California has the best overnight first-class mail service of any region in the country, and the on-time delivery rate for Orange County’s 6 million pieces of daily first-class mail is among the best in the region, according to the latest audit of the U.S. Postal Service’s operations.

The delivery scores, released by accounting firm Price Waterhouse, give Southern California a 93% on-time rating, the highest ever for the area and three points better than the 90% national average from March 2 to May 24, the audit period.

Among individual cities, San Diego, which had a 95% on-time delivery record, was tops in the Southland and second in the country. Only Wichita had a better delivery record.

City of Industry placed second in Southern California, with a 94% rate, while the Santa Ana District--representing Orange County--tied with the Van Nuys District for third place, with a 93% on-time record.


Postal officials said the Santa Ana District last year handled about 1.8 billion pieces of first-class mail, or 5.96 million pieces a day.

Price Waterhouse has been tracking mail delivery since 1990.