UnGame Is No Game

Greg Miller covers high technology for The Times

In another example of technology solving a problem created by technology, DVD Software Inc. in Irvine said it is working on a new version of UnGame, a program that deletes computer games from business PCs and networks.

The product works a lot like anti-virus software in that it scans hard drives and other hiding places for files--called signatures--that are unique to specific computer games. When a signature is found, the game is deleted.

The year-old company has sold the $60 product to about 1,000 companies and other customers, said Yossie Hollander. He and his wife, Dana, own and operate the company. The new release will be able to detect more than 5,000 games, compared to 4,600 for the version released late last year, Hollander said.

Most of the company's customers are businesses or agencies that believe computer games harm employee productivity, sap computer network resources or simply don't belong in the workplace or computer lab. The company's customers include Oregon State University, aerospace contractor Loral Corp., and the Amoco oil company, Hollander said.

"I've been in the computer business for many years and it always annoyed me to see people playing games," Hollander said.

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