L.A. Speak: Web Page Designers

earl n. URL, or universal resource locater, formal name of addresses used on the World Wide Web. rel. dot n. period used to punctuate a Web address.

triple-dub n. WWW (World Wide Web) portion of URL address. The L.A. Times earl -- would be rendered “triple-dub latimes dot com.”

bot n. from robotic--automated computer practical joke. “Frankie put a bot in the ‘Sex over Sixty’ chat room that kept asking , ‘Are we having fun yet?’ ”

seed v. subtly post information around the Web to encourage users to visit your site. ant. spam v. blatantly advertise or send annoying e-mail indiscriminately.


bozo filter n. program that blocks e-mail from undesirables. “I was tired of getting spammed so I got a bozo filter.