A List of the Passengers and Crew Aboard Ill-Fated TWA Flight 800


Here is a complete list of the 230 people, including four cockpit crew members and 14 flight attendants, aboard TWA Flight 800:


Aikens-Bellamy, Sandra, 49, of St. Albans, N.Y., off-duty TWA employee

Aikey, Jessica, 17, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Alex, Christian

Alexander, Matthew, 20, of Florence, S.C., Wake Forest University student at Winston-Salem, N.C. , traveling to Dijon, France, to study


Allen, Ashton, 15, of Marietta, Ga.

Allen, Lamar, of Marietta, Ga. (father of Ashton)

Amlund, Svein

Anderson, Jay Edward, 49, of Warson Woods, Mo., financial planner for Allmerica (married to Patricia Anderson)

Anderson, Patricia, 42, of Warson Woods, Mo.

Anderson, Seana


Babb, David, 13, of Volant, Pa. (nephew of Clara and Namik Ersoz)

Baszczewski, Daniel, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Beatty, Charles, 50, of Spotsylvania, Va., senior systems engineer with the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va.

Becker, Michelle, of St. Petersburg, Fla.

Bellazoug, Myriam, 30, of New York City, architect

Benjamin, Arthur, of Philadelphia, high school computer science teacher

Benjamin, Joan

Berthe, Line

Berthe, Maurice

Bluestone, Nicolas, of Pound Ridge, N.Y.

Bohlin, Michelle, 16, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Bossuyt, Luc, of Bridgeport, Conn., employee of Bristol-Meyers

Bouhs, Leonie

Bower, Jordan, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Braman-Mosberg, Rosie, 47, of Hoboken, N.J., off-duty TWA employee

Breistroff, Michel, 25, French hockey player who graduated Harvard in 1995

Brooks, Edwin, 81, of Edgartown, Mass., former executive vice president of Taco Industries (husband of Ruth Brooks)

Brooks, Ruth, 79, of Edgartown, Mass.

Buttaroni, Mirko, 26, of Fano, Italy, bank employee (married to Monica Omiccioli)


Caillaud, Anthony

Caillaud, Daniel

Callas, Dan J., 22, of Philadelphia, TWA Flight 800 crew

Campbell, Richard G., 63, of Ridgefield, Conn., TWA Flight 800 flight engineer

Carven, Jay, 9, of Bel Air, Md. (son of Paula Carven)

Carven, Paula, of Bel Air, Md., off-duty TWA flight attendant and part-time real estate agent

Cayrol, Jacques

Chaillou, Jenny

Chanson, Ludovic, 12, of Garancieres, France, exchange student returning to family

Charbonnier, Jacques, 66, of Huntington Station, N.Y., TWA Flight 800 crew

Charbonnier, Constance, 49, of Huntington Station, N.Y., TWA Flight 800 crew

Chemtob, Monique

Christopher, Janet, 48, of Stamford Heights, Pa., TWA Flight 800 crew

Coiner, Constance, 48, of Binghamton, N.Y., associate professor of English and literature at State University of New York at Binghamton (Ana Duarte Coiner’s mother)

Coiner, Ana Duarte, 12, of Binghamton, N.Y.

Cox, Monica, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Crandell, Pamela, 28, of Anne Arundel County, Md., a first-grade teacher

Creamades, Daniel


Dadi, Marcel, 46, French musician who helped spread Chet Atkins’ style of guitar-playing across Europe and was returning home after being honored at Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn.

D’ Alessandro, Anna, 25, of Palo del Colle, Italy (married to Giuseppe Mercurio).

Darley, Francois

Deboisredon, Cybele, of Bordeaux, France

Delange, Sylvain, of Tourcoing, France, painter and art professor

Delouvrier, Judith Connelly, 47, of Manhattan and Paris, a philanthropist who was a trustee of her family’s Philadelphia-based Connelly Foundation

Dhuimieres, Dominiques

Dickey, Deborah, of Montoursville, Pa., a French teacher (married to Douglas Dickey)

Dickey, Douglas, of Montoursville, Pa.

D’Iorio, Christine Bailey, of Prato, Italy, mother of four, waitress (married to Pietro D’Iorio).

D’Iorio, Pietro, of Prato, Italy, waiter

DiLuccio, Debra Collins, 47, of Agropoli, Italy, formerly of Athens, Ga., TWA Flight 800 crew

Dodge, Warren, off-duty TWA employee

Dupont, Guy

Dwyer, Larkyn, 11, of New River, Ariz., was en route to visit relatives in Paris.


Edwards, Daryl, 41, of Jersey City, N.J., off-duty TWA service supervisor

Ellison, Marie

Ersoz, Clara, 59, of Pittsburgh, anesthesiologist (married to Namik Ersoz, aunt of David Babb).

Ersoz, Namik, 64, of Pittsburgh, anesthesiologist

Eshleman, Dougas A., 35, of Aurora, Colo., off-duty TWA flight engineer

Estival, Alexandre


Feeney, Deirdre, 17, of New Hyde Park, N.Y., U.S. resident visiting family in Kilmore, Ireland

Feeney, Vera, 56, home-care nurse, New Hyde Park, N.Y. (mother of Deirdre Feeney)

Ferrat (first name unavailable)

Foster, Rod, 61, of Sherman, Conn., corporate pilot for Dassault Falcon Jet Co.

Foulon, Didier

Fry, Carol, of Montoursville, Pa., former school board member

Furlano, Rosaria


Gabor, Daniel, 27, of Walnut Creek, ran middle-distances for University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Ark.

Gaetke, Daniel, 33, of Kansas City, Mo., owned a landscaping business and taught elementary school art, traveling to France to study gardens with wife. (married to Stephanie Gaetke).

Gaetke, Stephanie, 33, of Kansas City, Mo., owned a landscaping business (cousin of Chrisha and Brenna Siebert).

Gallagher, Claire, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Galland, Jean Paul

Gasq, C.

Unnamed passenger flying with C. Gasq

Gough, Ana Leim Ralli, of Mill Valley, off-duty TWA flight attendant (married to Donald Gough)

Gough, Capt. Donald, of Mill Valley, off-duty TWA pilot

Graham, Steven, 38, of Napa, a marketing director for the long-distance phone company Ameritel

Gray, Charles Hank, 47, of Memphis, president and chief operating officer of Midland Financial Group, Inc.

Greene, Renee

Griffith, Donna

Griffith, Joanne, 39, of Brooklyn, N.Y., off-duty TWA employee

Grimm, Julia, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Grivet, Cyril, of Menlo Park, senior lab technician at Carnegie Institution lab at Stanford University

Gustin, Anne


Hammer, Beverly, 59, of Long Island, N.Y.

Hammer, Tracy, 29, of Long Island, N.Y., graduate student in microbiology and veterinary medicine at Michigan State University (daughter of Beverly Hammer)

Hansen, Lars Groenbakken

Harkness, Eric, 23, of Columbus, Ohio, off-duty TWA employee

Harris, Lawrence

Haurani, Dr. Ghassan, of Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. (married to Nina Haurani)

Haurani, Nina, of Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., Mother of four in their teens and early 20s

Hazelton, Sandra, of Beachwood, Ohio, a high school French teacher taking her daughter, Katrina M. Rose, to Paris as a college graduation present

Hettler, Rance, 18, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Hill, Susan, of Portland, Ore., police detective

Hocharo, Jeanpierre

Hogan, David, of Paris, a Virginia-born composer who studied at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore.

Holst, Virginia, 31, of Manorville, N.Y., a merchandise distributer

Holst, Eric, 32, of Manorville, N.Y., dentist (husband of Virginia Holst)

Hull, James, 48, of Southampton, Pa., off-duty TWA employee

Hurd, James III, of Glen Burnie, Md., manager of a family automotive shop


Ingenhuett, Lonnie, 43, of Scottsdale, Ariz., off-duty TWA employee


Jacquemot, Benoit

Jensen, Susanne, 31, of Greenwich, Conn., associate at G.E. Capital

Johns, Courtney, 18, of Clarkston, Mich., recent graduate of Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., who planned to attend Villanova University in the fall

Johnsen, Arlene E., 60, of Grand Junction, Colo., TWA Flight 800 flight attendant, owned a bed-and-breakfast

Johnson, Ellen, of Springfield, Va., co-owner of an editorial services company

Johnson, Jed, 47, of New York, interior designer

Johnson, Leonard, of Springfield, Va., engineer at Ft. Belvoir (husband of Ellen Johnson)

Jones, Romana, 61, of West Hartford, Conn., retired hospital employee

Karschner, Amanda, of Montoursville, Pa., student


Kevorkian, Capt. Ralph G., 58, of Garden Grove, TWA Flight 800 pilot

Krick, Oliver, 25, of St. Louis, Mo., TWA Flight 800 flight engineer

Krikhan, Margot

Krukar, Andrew, 40, of Bridgewater, Conn., an engineer at the Torrington Co. in Watertown, Conn.

Kwan, Barbara, 40, of Scottsdale, Ariz., off-duty TWA employee

Kwiat, Kimberly

Kwiat, Patricia


Labys, Jane, 51, of Morgantown, W.Va., a real estate agent

Lacailledesse, Antoine

LaForge, Alain

Lamour, Yvon

Lang, Ray, 51, of North Massapequa, N.Y., TWA Flight 800 crew

Lockhart, Maureen, 49, of Merriam, Kan., TWA Flight 800 crew

Loffredo, Elaine, 50, of Glastonbury, Conn., off-duty TWA employee

Loudenslager, Jody, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Lohan, Britta

Loo, Patricia

Lucien, Dalila, 17 (niece of saxophone player Wayne Shorter, who was not on the flight).

Luevano, Elias, 42, of Albuquerque, N.M., off-duty TWA employee

Lychner, Katie, 8, of Houston (daughter of Pam Lychner)

Lychner, Pam, 37, of Houston, prominent Texas crime victims rights advocate.

Lychner, Shannon, 10, of Houston (daughter of Pam Lychner)


Manchuelle, Francois

Maresq, Etienne

Maresq, Nicolas

Martin, Betty Ruth, 69, of Belleville, Ill.

Mazzola, Salvator, 36, of Palermo, Italy, unemployed factory worker

McPherson, Pamela, 45, of Atlanta, Ga., off-duty TWA employee

Meade, Sandra, 42, of Camano Island, Wash., TWA Flight 800 crew

Melotin, Grace, 48, of Corona, N.Y., TWA Flight 800 crew

Mercurio, Giuseppe, of Palo del Colle, Italy, produce-stand worker and part-owner of jewelry store in Bari, Italy (married to Anna d’Alessandro)

Merieux, Rodolphe

Meshulam, Avishaim, of Tel Aviv

Michel, Pascal

Miller, Amy, 29, of Andreas, Pa., Was taking trip to Paris to celebrate fifth wedding anniversary (married to Kyle Miller)

Miller, Elizabeth, in her 50s, of Tenafly, N.J. (married to Robert Miller)

Miller, Gideon, 57, of Sarasota, Fla., off-duty TWA pilot

Miller, Joan, of Fairfield, Conn.

Miller, Kyle, 29, of Andreas, Pa., a hardware store owner

Miller, Robert, 62, of Tenafly, N.J., Tenafly borough administrator

Murta, Angela, of New York


Nelson, A.

Unnamed passenger flying with A. Nelson

Nibert, Cheryl, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Notes, Gadi, 29, of New York City


O’Hara, Caitlin, 13, of Irvington, N.Y. (daughter of Janet and Jack O’Hara)

O’Hara, Janet, 39, of Irvington, N.Y. (wife of John O’Hara)

O’Hara, John, 39, of Irvington, N.Y., executive producer at ABC Sports

Olsen, Rebecca Jane, 20, of Macon, Ga., junior history major at University of Georgia

Omiccioli, Monica, 23, of Fano, Italy, seamstress (married to Mirko Buttaroni)

Orman, Alan

Ostachiewicz, Elsie

Unnamed passenger flying with Elsie Ostachiewicz


Paquet, Huguette

Paquet, Ingrid

Pares, Serge

Penzer, Judy, 49, of Pittsburg, artist and muralist

Percy, Marion, of Tuckahoe, NY

Price, Dennis, of Englewood, Colo., investment manager (married to Peggy Price)

Price, Peggy, of Englewood, Colo., United Airline flight attendant

Privette, Glenda (or Brenda), of Stevenson, Ala. (mother of Thomas Weatherby)

Puhlmann, Rico, 61, of New York City, fashion photograher

Puichaud, Elizabeth, of Paris


Remy, Jacqueline

Rhein, Kirk Jr., 43, of Darien, Conn., president and chief executive of the Danielson Holding Corp., a New York insurance company, and a partner in the New York investment firm Whitman, Heffernan, Rhein & Co.

Rhoads, Marit E., 48, of Bellevue, Wash., TWA Flight 800 crew (married to Scott Rhoads)

Rhoads, Scott, 48, Bellevue, Wash., schoolteacher.

Richey, Brent

Richter, Annelyse

Richter, Noemie

Rio, Celine

Rogers, Kimberly, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Rojany, Yon, of Studio City

Romangna, Barbara

Rose, Katrina M., 26, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, (dauhter of Sandra Hazelton)

Rupert, Judith, of Montoursville, Pa., high school secretary


Schuldt, Mike, 51, of Safety Harbor, Fla., TWA Flight 800 Crew

Scott, Barbara, of Stevenson, Ala. (married to Michael Scott)

Scott, Joseph, 13, of Stevenson, Ala. (son of Michael and Barbara Scott)

Scott, Michael, of Stevenson, Ala.

Shorter, Anna Maria, of Los Angeles (wife of saxophone player Wayne Shorter, who was not on the flight, and aunt of Dalila Lucien, who was)

Siebert, Brenna, 25, of Holts Summit, Mo., veterinary clinic worker in Jefferson City, Mo. (sister of Chrisha Siebert)

Siebert, Chrisha, 28, of Kansas City, Mo., theater teacher at Rockhurst College

Silverman, Candace, 22, of Los Angeles (daughter of Eugene and Etta Silverman)

Silverman, Etta, 53, of Los Angeles (married to Eugene Silverman)

Silverman, Eugene, 54, of Los Angeles, tax attorney

Silverman, Jamie, 15, of Los Angeles (daughter of Eugene and Etta Silverman)

Simmons, Olivia, 50, of Orange, N.J., schoolteacher and off-duty part-time TWA employee

Skjold, K.

Snyder, Capt. Steven, 57, of Stratford, Conn., TWA Flight 800 pilot

Story, William R., of California, president and chief executive officer of National American Insurance Co.

Straus, Carine


Teang, Lydie

Teang, Rachana

Thiery, Josette

Tofani, Mauro, 46, of Prato, Italy, cloth merchant

Torche, Melinda, 47, Irvine, TWA Flight 800 crew


Uzupis, Larissa, of Montoursville, Pa., student


Vanepps, Lois

Verhaeghe, Rick L., 48, of Goldsboro, N.C., off-duty TWA flight officer


Warren, Lani, 48, of Sherman Oaks, off-duty TWA flight service manager

Watson, Jacqueline, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Watson, Jill, 32, of Pittsburgh, Pa., architect, daughter of ThermoKing president James F. Watson (father was not on the flight)

Weatherby, Thomas, 13, of Stevenson, Ala. (son of Glenda Privette).

Weaver, Monica, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Windmiller, Ruben

Wolfson, Eleanor, chaparone of Montoursville, Pa., group (mother of Wendy Wolfson)

Wolfson, Wendy, of Montoursville, Pa., student

Wolters, Bonnie, 44, of New York City, a bond trader engaged to be married to a judge who was not on the flight but had planned to join her in France next week.


Yee, Judith, of New York


Zara, Jean

Ziemkiewicz, Jill, 24, of Rutherford, N.J.,TWA Flight 800 crew