Income Gap

* What a surprise! You import millions of poor people and you end up with more poor people ("Income Gap Is Growing, Study Says," July 15). Advocates of immigration reform have pointed out for years that current immigration policy increases economic disparity and decreases the wages of unskilled natives due to increased competition in the low-wage sector. The result simply follows the law of supply and demand. Since California receives half of the illegal immigrants and one-third of the legal ones, the gap is growing faster here.

Why is it that those who have been screaming about increasing economic disparity have not taken the next logical step by calling for reducing the massive immigration that is a major cause of it?


Exec. Dir., Californians

for Population Stabilization


* From the July 15 edition: " 'Brain Gain' or Threat to U.S. Jobs?" and "Income Gap Is Growing, Study Reports." Could there be a connection?


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