Bob Brennan, press chief for ACOG, the Atlanta organizing committee putting on these Games, is under siege, having to answer for all sorts of problems not of his making: transportation, heat, crowds, heat, inefficiency, heat, the subway system, heat, slow ambulances, heat. . . .

A couple of excerpts from a morning press mugging, er . . . briefing:

Question: "Can you clarify the situation regarding the ambulance and the judo athlete who was injured yesterday?"

Brennan: "I can't explain that at this time."

Question: "Can you elaborate on the lighting problem at the Georgia Dome last night?"

Brennan: "It was caused as a TV boom was being moved. In order to ensure the safety of the operator, a circuit-breaker was thrown, and it turned out to be the wrong circuit-breaker. It was not an overload, but an error on the part of the operator."

Question: "How hot was it yesterday? Is this normal for Atlanta in the summertime?"

Brennan: "As I understand, the temperature was slightly above average yesterday."

Footnote: The heat index Saturday, a measurement of the combined effect of temperature and humidity, was between 100 and 105 degrees.

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