4-Day Tire Stores Out of Business

Discount tire retailer 4-Day Tire Stores Inc., known for its wordy ads and short working week, has gone out of business, reportedly sold to Bridgestone-Firestone Tire Sales.

Customers trying to buy tires at the shuttered 4-Day outlets are greeted by notices informing them that the nationwide chain, headquartered in Irvine, has shut down.

Andy Groo, operations manager for the Tire Warehouse chain in Santa Ana, said his company is negotiating with Bridgestone-Firestone to acquire a former 4-Day retail store in Costa Mesa.

Groo said Nashville-based Bridgestone-Firestone bought 4-Day in April and shuttered its stores late last month while it determines which ones to sell and which to reopen under its own name.


Officials at Bridgestone-Firestone and at 4-Day and its parent, Irvine-based Lansdale & Carr, could not be reached for comment Friday. Lansdale & Carr, which also owns several telemarketing businesses, is a privately owned company with an estimated $125 million in annual sales last year.