Charges Are Filed Against Gottlieb

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Doug Gottlieb, a former Notre Dame and Tustin High School basketball player, has been charged with felony theft for allegedly using stolen credit cards to purchase nearly $1,000 of merchandise, St. Joseph County prosecutor Mike Barnes said.

Gottlieb will surrender voluntarily Monday in Indiana and make a court appearance Tuesday, according to Barnes. Barnes said no warrant has been issued at this time and bail was set at a $5,000 bond or $500 cash. Gottlieb faces a possible three-year prison term and a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted.

“We reviewed the evidence and filed what we believe is the appropriate charge,” Barnes said. “There could be a wide range of penalties. It can be treated as a misdemeanor at sentencing if it’s deemed appropriate at that time.”


Bill Stanley, Gottlieb’s attorney in South Bend, Ind., did not return telephone calls.

Gottlieb, who left Notre Dame in June, allegedly stole credit cards from three students who lived on the same dormitory floor. He purchased about $950 in merchandise from a sporting goods and jewelry store and bought dinner and gas with the cards.

The students reported the thefts to a Notre Dame official after receiving bills.

Gottlieb played in 27 games, starting 23, as a freshman. He has enrolled at Golden West College, but said he will not play basketball this season.