Public Schooling Issue Divides Clinton, Dole

From Associated Press

President Clinton and Bob Dole largely agree on how the nation should deal with immigration, legal and illegal, but disagree on two thorny aspects of the issue.

Dole, the Republican nominee, would deny a public education to the children of illegal immigrants, while Clinton, the Democrat, would keep the children in school.

The two also disagree over whether English should be declared the official language of the nation: Dole says yes, Clinton no.


Both candidates support modest cuts in legal immigration, and increased funding for the Border Patrol’s efforts to stop illegal immigration. Under Clinton, the Border Patrol has put about 40% more agents in the field and begun the construction of a stronger fence along crucial sections of the Mexican border.

The candidates also agree that illegal immigrants should not qualify for most social services, including welfare.

Independent candidate Ross Perot favors a more lenient immigration policy, saying: “We don’t want to build a wall around America.”