Childhood Asthma

Re "Leaving a Generation Gasping for Breath," Oct. 27, about the dramatic increase in childhood asthma cases:

Have the learned doctors and misguided environmentalists ever addressed the fact that the human population is being poisoned by its food and drink? This is particularly true in our own country, where the shelf life of food has been increased dramatically by food additives. This fact would also explain the high incidence of asthmatic children in the poorer neighborhoods. The poor can't afford fresh foods.

It is hard to believe there has been an "intensive, worldwide investigation, to identify the keys to the riddle." All one needs to do is go to the local supermarket and pick up a frozen dinner, or packaged food, and read the contents. This also might account for the increased incidence of arthritis. These food additives can attack the system and "simulate" the worst case of arthritis. I know, I have suffered and found the cure--avoid food with additives.



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