More Gift Ideas

Here are a few more gift suggestions for your technophile friends and family:

* Barbie Fashion Designer (Windows, $44.99) from Mattel Media, aimed at girls 8 and up, lets kids dress up Barbie with their own designs.

* Disney Interactive publishes software titles (typically $35) keyed to many of the company's films, including "101 Dalmatians," "Toy Story" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

* EdMark has found a way to make math programs fun. Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry (Windows, $69.95), aimed at ages 12 to 14, lets kids explore "Planet Geometry," where they'll learn about attributes of shapes and solids, constructions, transformations and more.

* Hanes T-Shirt Maker & More (Windows, $39.95) from Austin James Software ([800] 426-3728) enables the PC-equipped to make customized T-shirts.

* Other useful low-cost items include disk or CD holders, wrist pads and other accessories. Allsop ([800] 426-4303) and Kensington ([800] 535-4242) have complete lines of such products. Not that I'm hinting, but Kensington just came out with my ideal Christmas present: a $100 saddlebag for carrying a notebook PC on a bicycle.

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