How to Make Sure Salmonella Can't Invade

Holidays are a time of joy!

But how joyous can you be when you are ill? Salmonella poisoning is an unfortunate and all-too-common occurrence this time of year.

Protect yourself and your guests from regretting that delicious holiday turkey. Dr. A. Clinton White Jr. of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, says, "Turkey and other poultry defrosted outside the refrigerator too long are prone to contamination with salmonella bacteria."

Symptoms of food poisoning are stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. That's one way to bring on those holiday blues.

Some ways to avoid food poisoning are to wash your hands before preparing foods, and wash counter tops, cutting boards and utensils in hot, soapy water before reusing. While cooking, use a meat thermometer to determine if your holiday turkey is cooked thoroughly. And remember to refrigerate your leftovers immediately.

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