Sheriff's Expenses

Your recent articles were highly critical of Sheriff Sherman Block and the manner in which he is operating our jails. Perhaps you are unaware that he is mandated to do some of those things for which he is being lambasted!

With respect to inmates' meals, recreation time, living space, etc., these areas are largely mandated by court decisions, permitting little discretion by the sheriff; and, while it may appear to some--not unreasonably--that those who commit heinous crimes are not deserving of what is perceived to be pampered treatment, and while those of us in law enforcement remain frustrated by this, perhaps we should all more constructively aim our criticism at those who are creating the rules.

May we also suggest that you look at the herculean tasks performed by our Sheriff's Department on a daily basis. As an example, just the sheer movement of inmates to the various courthouses throughout the county is a logistical nightmare, and yet is accomplished with very few glitches.

We are proud of our Sheriff's Department, and we who know Sherman Block, know him to be a man of great integrity and courage. LEA PURWIN D'AGOSTINO


Deputy District Attorneys

Van Nuys

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