Council Names Walters to Seat Wilson Vacated

The City Council, faced with appointing a new council member or spending $60,000 on a special election, decided to name Mimi Krogius Walters to the council to fill the term vacated by former Councilman Thomas W. Wilson.

The council not only avoided the cost but also a delay. A special election to replace Wilson, who was appointed to the Orange County Board of Supervisors just a month after winning reelection, couldn’t be held until June 3.

“When I looked at the cost and proximity of a [special] election, I decided against a general election,” said Councilman Mark Goodman.

Walters was chosen to finish the four-year term because she received the next highest number of votes behind the three candidates elected last month: Wilson, Goodman and Linda Lindholm.


“I had to go with those the voters chose,” said Goodman. “It would be flying in the face of the voters if we chose anyone other than Mimi Krogius Walters.”

Walters, 34, is a financial executive who has served as chair of the city’s investment and banking committee.

Wilson was named by Gov. Pete Wilson earlier this month to replace Marian Bergeson as supervisor for the county’s 5th District.