Do the “Winds of Freedom” (editorial, Dec. 23), as you imply, just blow our way? Our style of presidential elections seems de rigueur. Are we really proud that our voters get to choose, basically, between Tweedledum and Tweedledee--the winner usually the one who received the most money from special corporate interests, whose self-interested donations win them favorable laws and contracts.

You especially decry Cuba’s denial of “fundamental freedom.” Does it occur to you that they may not regard our electoral system as a fundamental? They prize instead the freedom to work, to eat, to live in government-assisted housing, to receive free education and medical care.

True, they provide all these perks on a shoestring, the one that strangles Cuba’s ability to purchase medicines and other essentials. This stranglehold results from the U.S. blockade.

Isn’t it fascinating that the U.S. effort to isolate and starve our small neighbor has been soundly rejected by all but two other “freedom-loving” members of the United Nations?



San Pedro