Academy Cadet's Hearing Postponed

Investigating whether a former police reserve academy cadet was just joking when he reportedly offered to kill a fellow cadet's wife, prosecutors again postponed the Oxnard man's arraignment Thursday.

Anthony Lamug Castillo, 27, was arrested Jan. 3 on the eve of graduation ceremonies for Ventura County Police and Sheriff's Reserve Academy. On Thursday, he waived his right to an arraignment until next week, while investigators look into the matter, said Deputy Dist. Atty. Miles Weiss.

Castillo had originally waived his right to a speedy arraignment on Tuesday.

Prosecutors are trying to determine whether Castillo was serious when he allegedly offered to kill a fellow cadet's wife.

"That's the true issue," Weiss said. "We have to look at his statements and conduct to make sure we make the right decision."

Castillo's attorney, Barry Bernstein of Century City, said that whether his client was joking is the focus of the case.

Bernstein said he was impressed by the willingness of prosecutors to wait until they had all the facts before proceeding.

"It's an admirable course of conduct, allowing the defense to participate in further investigation," Bernstein said. "I think they are just as interested as we are in ascertaining the truth."

Castillo will remain in the Ventura County Jail until his arraignment, scheduled for Jan. 17. His bail is set at $250,000.

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