Police Follow Strong Leads in Vallejo Bombs

From Associated Press

Authorities have solid leads in a weeklong series of bombs that have plagued Vallejo, including a witness and a security camera shot of the suspect, police said.

They are hoping to release an enhanced shot from an automated teller machine camera to get help from the public in identifying the bomber, said Vallejo Police Lt. Ron Jackson.

The shot was taken just before the second bomb incident, an explosion that damaged ATMs at a downtown bank early Sunday. Less than 12 hours earlier, children had found an unexploded dynamite bomb leaning against the John F. Kennedy Library a few miles away.

Then, early Thursday, a bomb exploded at the Solano County Courthouse in the same area, carving a crater in the wall and knocking out windows in five buildings. No one has been injured in the explosions.


The ATM tape shows a light-skinned man wearing a hat and apparently placing something on the ground.

“We have a quality picture. We could have the suspect looking right at us,” Jackson said. “We believe that when the picture was taken, the suspect was placing a bomb at the Wells Fargo ATM.”

The camera may have been taping because a woman had withdrawn money from one of the ATMs shortly before the bomb was placed, Jackson said.

“There was certainly a woman who was there just before this,” he said. “She’s a witness. She saw something. She’s been talked to.”


Experts at the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms believe all three devices were made from dynamite and used wires in similar ways.