Too Tulle

Dress up your buffet table with something close to what the bride will wear on her wedding day: tulle. A simple white tablecloth, with a skirt of tulle and a few simple vines, flowers or leafy branches from your backyard make a pretty setting for your fabulous cooking.

You will need:

1 white tablecloth

White or ivory tulle (To determine yardage needed, measure distance around your table and add 1/3 more to allow for bunching and draping; convert total to yards.)



Vines or branches

1 box straight pins

Place tablecloth on table.

Gather some of the tulle along one edge into a small, manageable bunch and sew together with thread to secure the bunch. At one of the corners of the table, pin the bunched tulle and tablecloth together (from the underside of the tablecloth, to hide the pin). Softly drape tulle along the table to the midpoint of one of the short sides. Repeat gathering, sewing and pinning steps. On the long sides of the table, pin to the tablecloth in four or more places instead of three.

Pin branches or vines to the tablecloth just below the top of the table, again from the underside of the cloth to hide the pin.

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