Pat Boone Untamed: Does It Make You Gag?

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Mr. Pat Boone, the country’s newest convert to leather and studs.

Just what do fashion and music folk have to say about the singer untamed?

“It’s cringe-making,” said Andrew Essex, music editor of Details magazine, of Boone’s “In a Metal Mood” get-up that shows copious amounts of slightly crepey, saggy skin. “There was something kind of tragic about it, I think. If I were Pat I would have preserved my dignity.”

But Michael Hoban, designer for North Beach Leather, was thrilled with the new look. “I think it’s fantastic!” he said. “I think he was really smart--everybody’s talking about him.”


Stylist Phillip Bloch of the Cloutier Agency applauds Boone’s courage. “I admire him for doing it, I think it’s very funny,” he said.

And what would Bloch do to spiff up the crooner’s look?

“It’d be amazing to do a centerfold for Cosmo, have him in shorts and a shirt. He looks good for his age, and it’s nice that [people] have something to aspire to.”