Panel to Review Projects Near Airport

There will be no sports complexes, schools, auditoriums or other such facilities built near Camarillo Airport unless they are first reviewed by the Ventura County Airport Land Use Commission.

Commission officials decided to update their guidelines after Camarillo recently changed its zoning on recreational and sports complexes.

The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to approve an agreement that gives commissioners a chance to review any projects near the airport.

Tony Boden, Camarillo’s director of planning, said the city recently approved a change in the law that establishes zones for sports activities. Some of those zones are located around the airport.


If an application to build a sporting facility near the airport is submitted, the commission will be able to review building plans and submit a recommendation to the Planning Commission.

City Atty. Robert Flandrick said the point is to prevent construction of buildings that are too tall or facilities such as schools close to flight paths.

“This is an agreement to make sure we don’t find ourselves arguing about something that doesn’t need to be argued about,” he said.