Rodman Gets Deposed in Texas Boating Lawsuit

Associated Press

A deposition from Chicago Bull star Dennis Rodman will be included in a lawsuit over a boating accident on Lewisville Lake in Texas in which a woman was maimed.

The Lewisville Leader reported that Rodman, who grew up in nearby Dallas, was questioned last Nov. 29 for knowledge he might have had of the 1995 hit-and-run accident, which is still unsolved.

Rodman reportedly owned a cigarette-style boat like the one involved in the accident and was using it on Lewisville Lake at the time.


Stephanie Booker, Kim Colvin and Sabra Scott have filed suit against Pier 121 Marina. The women were sitting in their boat in the marina’s no-wake zone on June 17, 1995 when a speeding cigarette-style boat went over the top of their boat and sped away. The boat has not been found and no arrests have been made.

Booker’s face was mangled and left with permanent scars. The three women contend that the no-wake area was not properly lighted, managed or enforced.

Scott’s attorney, Larry Rolle of Dallas, did not return a telephone call. But he told The Leader that Scott reported “bumping into” Rodman at the marina a few hours before the accident.

Rodman’s attorney, Richard Howell of San Francisco, did not return telephone calls.