Boxes of Aborted Fetuses in Dirt Lot Prompt Inquiry


Authorities in San Bernardino County asked Saturday for the public’s help in determining how five cardboard boxes containing 30 aborted human fetuses ended up in a Chino Hills dirt lot near the intersection of two freeways.

Investigators with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said it was possible that the fetuses were being legitimately transported by an area abortion clinic and that the boxes “accidentally” landed in the lot west of the Corona Freeway and south of the Pomona Freeway.

“But at this point, we just don’t know,” said Deputy Tony Hernandez.


Deputies said two boys playing in the lot near the Corona Freeway discovered a box containing six human fetuses Friday afternoon. One of the boys reported the discovery to his parents, who called authorities.

Searchers found four more boxes with six fetuses in each, Hernandez said.

Investigators said none of the boxes, sealed with duct tape, had identifiable markings. The fetuses, which appeared to be in the early stages of development, were each stored in a sterilized plastic container.

The junction of the two freeways is undergoing earthquake repairs, and officials occasionally must detour traffic to narrow, quirky roads. A driver unfamiliar with the area could have missed a turn, perhaps prompting the boxes to fall out of the vehicle, authorities said.

Hernandez said investigators plan to canvass area abortion clinics to determine if they may have arranged for the disposal of aborted fetuses in the past week.

Under state law, accredited facilities can store aborted human fetuses until they are either interred or incinerated.

Hernandez said anyone with information is encouraged to call sheriff’s investigators at (909) 387-3589.