Compton-to-Mexico Chase Ends in Arrest


A man suspected of kidnapping his young daughter was in Mexican custody Sunday, a day after he led police on a chase from Compton to the Mexican border, where he crashed into a Mexican police car in Tijuana.

Police said the man, identified as Vaucilio Manzano, 32, abducted his 6-year-old daughter. She was living with her mother, Marina Rocha, Manzano’s ex-girlfriend. Neither Manzano nor the child was hurt in the crash.

Compton police drove Rocha to the border to identify her daughter. But Border Patrol agents found that Rocha was in the United States illegally and refused to let her return, Compton Police Capt. Steven M. Roller said. Rocha’s daughter remained in Mexico with her mother.


Police said Manzano grabbed the girl Saturday night, forced her into his truck, then called Rocha and demanded that she meet him. He threatened to shoot the child, police said.

Rocha called police and when they approached the pickup, Manzano raced away.

Mexican police had been alerted and positioned patrol cars to stop the truck. But the truck sped across the border, slamming into a Mexican police car, Roller said.