Good Deeds Recognized


The Orange County Human Relations Commission handed out awards Sunday to 20 people who have made outstanding contributions in the field of human relations. The winners announced at the 26th annual awards banquet:

David S. Barr, retiring La Palma police chief, for law enforcement programs involving disabled persons.

Genevieve Barrios-Southgate, education director of Kidseum, the children’s center of the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, for cultural programs for children.


Huntington Beach Mayor Ralph H. Bauer and Councilwoman Shirley S. Dettloff, for mobilizing residents after a 1996 hate crime.

Martin Blake, Brookhurst Junior High School history teacher, for promoting multicultural awareness in the classroom.

Robert Brant, vice president for City National Bank, for fund-raising and other contributions to the human relations council.

Libby Cowan, Costa Mesa city councilwoman and founder of Elections Committee of Orange County, a gay and lesbian rights group.

Rosalia Koba, a teacher at Marco F. Forster Middle School in San Juan Capistrano, for promoting better human relations on campus.

Darlyn Lee, a volunteer at the Human Relations Commission.

Joseph V. Moros, teacher, for programs to help students from diverse or low-income backgrounds.


Dr. Linda Newell, an acting dean at Saddleback Community College District, for her work promoting “cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, disability and gender issues.”

Traci Noe, Western High School student, for contributions to her school and community.

Myra Philpott, science teacher and advisor to Buena Park High School’s Inter-Ethnic Council, for leading human relations programs.

Paul Ramirez, a radio disc jockey, for his work as a motivational speaker urging students to build positive race relations.

Harini Reddy, student leader, for organizing AIDS education workshops for 33,000 high school students and community groups.

Heidi Schnell, program specialist with Orange County Department of Education, for her work with “at-risk” students and her “grass-roots efforts to promote equity and inclusiveness” in education.

Flora Schoonover, Santa Ana activist, for her work in several programs.

Debi Storing and B.J. Watanabe, for organizing multicultural celebrations at Fairmont Elementary School in Yorba Linda.


Douglas Wooley, for his volunteer work with disabled people.