Your Story as Written by Pop


Still can’t decide if you should get Pop the Porsche or the “How to Get Bass to Jump Into Your Boat” video for Father’s Day?

All this week, Shortcuts looks at books designed for dear old Dad. Today’s entry is from “Dad Remembers: Memories for My Child” by Judith Levy, with illustrations by Judy Pelikan (Stewart, Tabori & Chang). It’s a scrapbook for fathers to complete for their children, including such facts as where Mom and Dad met, Dad’s favorite sports and details of the Big Day:

The day you were born started out this way:

We first knew Mom was going into labor when:

During Mom’s labor I was:

I first saw you when:

I thought you looked:

I’ll always remember that moment because:

Names we considered were:

What I’ll remember most about the day you were born is: