Nichols to Face Different Evidence in Second Bomb Trial

From Associated Press

As Timothy J. McVeigh faces the death penalty, his alleged accomplice Terry L. Nichols prepares for his own trial on murder and conspiracy charges in the Oklahoma City bombing, with the date likely to be set after Labor Day.

The evidence against Nichols, 41, differs from that used in McVeigh’s trial. Prosecutors will build their case around statements that Nichols made to authorities two days after the bombing.

He told them he was in Oklahoma City with McVeigh three days before the bombing; that he loaned McVeigh his pickup the day before the attack; and that he cleaned out a storage locker at McVeigh’s request the day after.


Authorities also have evidence seized from Nichols’ home in Herington, Kan., including two key bombing components--detonator cord and ammonium nitrate fertilizer. They also confiscated a phone card allegedly used to make dozens of calls as part of the bombing plot.

In addition, they have a note that Nichols wrote to McVeigh when Nichols went to the Philippines in 1994. Nichols told McVeigh that in the event he did not return, McVeigh should “Go for it.”