Orville H. Hampton; Movie and TV Screenwriter

Orville H. Hampton, 80, screenwriter whose work included "One Potato, Two Potato." Hampton shared an Academy Award nomination with co-writer Raphael Hayes for his story and screenplay for the 1964 film about interracial marriage starring Barbara Barrie. A native of Rockford, Ill., Hampton studied chemistry and journalism at the University of Illinois and worked as a radio announcer before entering the Army during World War II. Toward the end of the war, he produced, wrote and directed several Army musicals in Honolulu. Later settling in Hollywood, Hampton penned scripts for such films as "Jet Attack," "Inside the Mafia," "Riot in Juvenile Prison," "The Alligator People," "The Atomic Submarine," "The Young Runaways" and "Friday Foster." As a contract writer, he wrote about 100 films and more than 500 television episodes, notably for "Perry Mason," "Hawaii Five-0," "Lassie," "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "Mission: Impossible." On Friday in Malibu.

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