Homeowners to Pay Into Landslide Fund

To prepare for potential landslides in the Capistrano Estates development, the city will require the custom-home residents to establish an emergency repair fund.

“If you want to live on the hillside, there are certain risks associated with that,” Planning Director Tom Tomlinson said.

The City Council tentatively plans to have a public hearing at 7 p.m. Jan. 6.

More than a dozen homes have been built, and as many as 63 eventually will occupy the 46-acre site. The area is known for its “ancient landslides” and “potential for mud flow hazards,” a city report says.

The developer stabilized the area before building, but there is always the potential for a mudslide, Tomlinson said.


Under the agreement, property owners will pay $14.63 a month until the account totals $110,642.