My Favorite Weekend : Moose, the 7-year-old Jack Russell terrier who plays Eddie on NBC's "Frasier," as told by trainer Mathilde DeCagney.

Walk: When we are in town, we go on one or two hikes per weekend. We go to the mountains, like the Santa Monica Mountains. I take all my five other dogs [all trained for movies and TV]. I made a point that more than anything else, before anything else, they get to be dogs.

Beg: We try to raise money for animal rescue, so we travel around the state at least once a month for a weekend. I show his favorite tricks. I let people take pictures with him. He likes the attention. He used to be an extremely independent dog who really wasn't into people much when I adopted him when he was 2 years old. When he turned 5, he turned around totally. He turned out to be a lot more affectionate and loving.

Play dead: He loves sunbathing. One of his characteristics is that his tongue sticks out, so what happens quite often in the summer is it gets sunburned. You'll see the tip of his tongue, like dried up and really red, but he loves it. In the morning, we go and get coffee together around the corner. Everybody pretty much knows him there.

Fly: We do a lot of promotional things on the weekends for "Frasier." For special events, he has a limousine picking him up. He flies first class on American Airlines. People trip completely when they see him in the seat. He gets special services. If we have to switch planes, they are always there with those little golf carts.

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