Italy Extradites Libyan Suspect in '86 Berlin Blast to Germany

From Associated Press

A former Libyan agent wanted in the 1986 bombing of a Berlin disco that killed three people and injured 230 others has been extradited to Germany from Italy.

Musbar Eter arrived in Berlin and was jailed at the city's Moabit prison Thursday evening, a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said Friday.

Eter is expected to be the key witness in the trial that starts in Berlin on Nov. 18. He provided investigators with information leading to the arrest of four other suspects, who were charged with him in the La Belle disco bombing case.

Originally, Eter was allowed to go free on his own recognizance in Berlin. But he disappeared from a safe house, and German authorities issued an international warrant for him. He was arrested in July in Rome.

The bombing in April 1986 killed two American soldiers and a Turkish woman. American intelligence, monitoring radio transmissions from the Libyan Embassy in the former East Berlin, traced the attack to Libya, leading then-President Reagan to order retaliatory airstrikes against the country.

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