Shayne York

I am writing on behalf of Deputy Shayne Daniel York's family, in response to the overwhelming outpouring of compassion and sympathy we have received over the loss of our son. The initial shock of losing a son that you considered not only your son but one of your best friends is devastating and to lose him in such a useless and senseless killing adds even more to the burden of this ordeal.

From the beginning until now we have been overwhelmed with support and compassion from all our friends, law enforcement and strangers whose lives Shayne himself touched or whose lives were touched by the news of his death.

We cannot begin to thank all of you or even tell you how much your support has meant to us in our time of sorrow, but your love and prayers have helped us make it through each day as well as helped keep us focused on all of the wonderful people out there, as opposed to dwelling on the two that took so much from us.

We have a long way to go in our healing, but through our faith and our knowledge of the plan of salvation and the constant support of people like you, we will make it through each day. I am sure that we will never heal completely but with friends, family and the family of law enforcement we will come close.

Thanks again for being there with your love, support and compassion.


Templeton, Calif.

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