Talking Politics, Paula and the President

After Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed Paula Jones’ case against the president, signers on the TalkCity political chat room had this to say:

Shellie: The entire case of Jones vs. Clinton was a canard. Jones’ first attorneys wanted out after Jones and company rejected the 200K because it would not have embarrassed Clinton sufficiently to destroy his administration--the entire purpose of the suit to begin with. The original attorneys were out for compensation.

Tomart: au contraire my friend, au contraire! If you would like to see how easily the working women of America back down from a lawsuit involving a genuine grope that really happened and is indignantly reported the same day, or in a reasonable time frame, you will find out that they are quite firm about it! It’s a no-no!

Leelia: After hearing some conservatives asking why liberals and feminists didn’t get behind Paula Jones the way they did Anita Hill, I think the majority of the American people who paid any attention to the case at all would have had more sympathy for Miss Jones if they thought that it was about her.


MonicaCW: Clinton said that, if he hadn’t been in office, he would have preferred to undergo a jury trial to refute Paula Jones’ sexual misconduct charges against him. YEAH RIGHT!!!!

david780: Well more likely that Jones was “very much looking toward an appeal, but nothing is definitive as of yet.”

Tomart: jones will end up with a W2 from conservatives and Monica will never testify.

ericazoom: Clinton in Africa, their birth rate just jumped a tad!


MrMan4u: Linda Tripp do she lie or lay?

Tomart: Paula driving a Mercedes one wonders about her as well.

MrMan4u: Sorry people but even if Starr has incriminating evidence, congress will never impeach a president with a 70% approval rating in an election year.

ericazoom: I really don’t understand why so many people were surprised that Judge Susan Webber Wright threw out Paula Jones’s lawsuit. It was a worthless suit, reeking of politics. The worst mistake was the Supreme Court’s decision last year rejecting President Clinton’s request to postpone the Jones case until after his term ended.


tropical1: There is a lesson for the press, too, in the Jones case and all that sprang from it. The press has been too credulous, too ready to believe the worst about Bill Clinton, too slow to examine the bona fides and the financing of his attackers, too eager to report the unconfirmed.

Shellie: the judge decided to throw out the case due to the lack of evidence regarding paula jones’s claims about being kept from promotions, etc. she had absolutely no basis to make a sexual harassment charge. sexual harassment has a fairly specific meaning. jones had no evidence to substantiate her claim. she certainly DID NOT deserve a day in court. she wasted enough time.

CHOCO: The investigation is NOT about sexual misbehavior but rather about abuse of power. Has Bill Clinton used his position to intimidate people? Has he bribed, encouraged others to lie or bullied citizens? The best way to defend this inept president is attack the investigators.

All2Lovely: I think more judges should throw out flimsy cases this would save time and money for the justice system.


mishi638: I feel sorry for Paula Jones. She was a pawn way in over her head. I doubt any of her right wing “friends” will hang around now that she has outlived her usefulness.

Cicero: This is a victory? Thanks to Carville, the Jones case has yielded this result for Clinton: 1) WJC admits under oath that he lied to the public, he had slept with J.[sic] Flowers. 2) Former Miss America admits she was asked by WJC’s campaign to lie about tryst. 3) WJC’s spokesman concedes there was a “complicated relationship” with Lewinsky. 4) Lewinsky is on tape saying president asked her to lie and that he had lied under oath. 5) HRC has ruined her feminist credentials--at least she won’t be seen as credible. 6)WJC asserts a much broader claim of “executive privilege” than even Nixon dared. 7) A very credible democrat contributor and volunteer claims WJC groped her, too. 8) A childhood sweetheart says on talk shows Billie is a sex addict. 8) Former WH operatives openly discuss impeachment. This was a victory? And it really is far from over until the Supreme Court speaks on the matter. Don’t you wish we could get back to a public dialogue about Social Security and education? I know I do!

--Compiled by AARON DAVIS