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What’s more relaxing than a hot bath?

A hot bath with “Floating Bath Books” (Longstreet Press), which offers soothing words of personal affirmation from its waterproof pages as you soak.

Citing a Yankolovich report that 55% of women cite “soaking in a hot bath” as their choice way to relax, Atlanta-based entrepreneurs Cynthia Good and Elizabeth O’Dowd have taken the process a step further.

Their pastel books made from waterproof plastic pages combine empowering meditations for specific circumstances:


“I let joy into my life at every chance. . . . I welcome my new role as a mother. Now I give birth to myself . . .” with appropriate aromatherapy to complete the New Age experience.

Lavender will help you relax and recharge, they say, and peppermint and rosemary will energize you. Ylang Ylang, jasmine and frankincense will make you feel sexier. Eucalyptus and teatree will help clear your head.

“People are viewing bathing as more than a daily chore--a chance to relax and enjoy some down time,” O’Dowd says.

Their collection ($9.95 each) includes “The Everyday Bath Book,” “The Healthy Bath Book,” “The New Mom’s Bath Book” and “The Newlywed Bath Book.”


Test-marketed in Atlanta-area bookstores and spas, the floating books got good early reviews, said Amy Burton, spokeswoman for Longstreet.

The “Floating Bath Books” are now available in bookstores. Information: (800) 447-6811.