Address: http://www.tvparty.com

What it is: An homage to '70s television shows, put together by Billy Ingram, a Web site designer in North Carolina. Right now the site is a labor of love for which he doesn't even make minimum wage. That's about to change, though. Ingram is joining the Daily Entertainment Network, which is launching later this year. The network will sell advertising and split revenue with the content developers, who will have links to the site. Ingram gets a banner and a logo at their site, and they give him advertising for his.

Comment: A party, indeed. Who's on the guest list? Sonny and Cher, Pink Lady and Jeff, Rip Taylor, Ron Hull and his Amazing Emu, Shaft, John Davidson, Paul Lynde and more.

TVparty.com has gossip, scandal, sex, singing, dancing, action, drama and celebrities with their "original parts" (think Cher and Michael Jackson) in addition to lots of video and audio clips of shows you'd probably never admit to liking. All this and accurate punctuation? It's too good to be true. Even if "James at 15" wasn't invited.


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