Auto Nation Ads Drive Home the Point


Advertiser: Auto Nation

Agency: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos Inc., Boston

Challenge: Develop a brand image for the used-car retail chain, a unit of Republic Industries.

The Ads: Two TV ads show ordinary people shopping for a vehicle at Auto Nation. In one ad, a father and son trade in one pickup truck for another. The second spot shows different types of people--a mother with children, a single woman--as the voice-over emphasizes variety: “Whether you’re a Suburban, a Mustang or a Wrangler, now it’s easy to find yourself at Auto Nation.” Both spots mention a no-haggle policy and a limited warranty.

Comment: Auto Nation borrows a page from Saturn, which grew by offering no-haggle pricing and promising customers complete satisfaction. In the used-car business, such promises address consumer fears about being pressured into buying lemons. The ads aren’t flashy, but the message, if not unique, is clear. $$