Solution: Catholic League

I have seen, read and heard many complaints about Catholic schools playing public schools, but unfortunately no one has offered an intelligent solution. It is quite simple. The Catholic schools should break away from CIF and form the California Catholic High Schools Activities Assn. It should be a positive, professional split with the CIF pledging support and cooperation.


* The controversy would die. No more whining and wild accusations. The only public schools involved would be those that want to play the Catholic schools.

* Adding more games, therefore, more income; CIF is very restrictive and inflexible in this matter.


* National exposure. Doubleheader in football at Edison Field--Mater Dei vs. Cincinnati Moeller, Santa Margarita vs. Cleveland St. Ignatius--underwritten by shoe companies.


* None.

The state would be divided in half for playoffs, possibly three divisions. In Southern California, releaguing would not be a problem. Travel concerns could be alleviated by going to a Wednesday-Saturday format. Catholic schools would control their own destiny.


If this does happen, watch the great high school athletes flocking to the Catholic schools. You can’t fool kids.