Clinton Still Working on His Resolutions

<i> From Associated Press</i>

President Clinton, spending the second day of a six-day holiday playing golf, said Wednesday that his resolutions for the new year would be a little late.

“I’m working on ‘em--tomorrow,” Clinton promised, a golf tee clenched in his teeth at the Arthur Hills Golf Course.

The president appeared to revel in his escape to this resort island where 1,500 like-minded golfers and lofty thinkers have gathered for their annual, invitation-only Renaissance Weekend.


After a morning walk on the beach with his dog, Buddy, Clinton joined in three closed-door seminars, titled “Spiritual Values in a Secular Society,” “Global Beat” and “Multiethnic Society: Is It Better or Worse?”

“You can only go to so many New Year’s Eve parties,” Clinton said of his family’s alternative to toasting the new year with champagne and noisemakers.