Marijuana Co-Op Comes Under Fire


An amendment to city codes that could allow the revocation of a medicinal marijuana co-op’s business license will be considered by the City Council tonight.

The amendment was requested after the council learned that a business license issued to the Orange County Patient, Doctor, Nurse Support Group last year paved the way for the club to begin operating in central Orange County.

The support group currently operates out of a post office box in the city, and organizer Marvin Chavez said he plans on expanding under the terms of Proposition 215. The legislation allowed for the medicinal use of marijuana.


The city’s proposed amendment will allow officials to revoke a business license if the business conflicts with municipal codes or state or federal laws, or if all “necessary information” on the business isn’t provided.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Community Meeting Center, 11300 Stanford Ave.