Help Arrives


State and federal agencies will pay $2.8 million for flood-control improvements in Simi Valley that will allow owners of some homes damaged in the Northridge earthquake to rebuild--four years later (B1). . . . Widening a channel will reduce flood risk for about 300 homes, opening the way for financial help that had been withheld. “This should help resolve one of the most difficult, ongoing problems created by the Northridge earthquake,” Supervisor Judy Mikels said.


State Treasurer Matt Fong came to Oxnard’s Curren Elementary School on Friday promoting his Save-at-School program, designed to teach kids fiscal responsibility (B1). . . . Under the program, fourth-graders will take part in monthly “banking days,” in which bank officials come to school to handle transactions and stamp passbooks. Fong said his goal is to teach schoolchildren how to better manage their money.

Religious Research

The Barna Research Group of Oxnard uses survey techniques to delve into matters of faith and spirituality (B9). . . . Under contracts with organizations such as the Ford Motor Co., the Billy Graham Assn. and hundreds of ministries across the world, the company provides tailored research on where people stand on issues of religion and morality.



Sunny and mild. Highs near 70. Lows to mid-40s. B12