Firefighters Scalded When Hose Test Fails


Two firefighters were drenched with scalding hot water and suffered first- and second-degree burns on their legs Friday when a hose failed during a routine test, officials said.

Fire Engineer Terry Lamb received burns on both legs, 6 to 10 inches above the boot line, and Firefighter Juan Carrillo) was burned up to his waist, according to a Ventura County Fire Department report.

The firefighters were conducting a routine pumping and hose test at Fire Station No. 41 at 1910 N. Church St. in Simi Valley when the incident occurred at about 3:12 p.m.


Both were taken to Simi Valley Hospital where they were treated and stabilized. Then Lamb and Carrillo were flown by Sheriff’s Department helicopter to a burn center in the San Fernando Valley for further treatment.

Fire officials declined to discuss the accident, but said the cause of the hose failure is under investigation.