20-Screen Theater to Debut on Friday

Following months of delay resulting from floor plan changes and unfavorable weather conditions, Pacific Theatres Winnetka 20 will finally make its debut Friday as the Valley’s largest multiplex.

Built on the former Winnetka Drive-In site in Chatsworth, the 5,900-seat complex features stadium-style seating, high-back seats with retractable armrests, state-of-the-art projection systems and digital stereo sound in all 20 auditoriums.

“It’s going to be spectacular,” said Chan Wood, executive vice president of Pacific Theatres Corp. in Los Angeles.

Kate Baker, vice president of marketing at Pacific, said what separates Winnetka 20 from other multiplexes are the large screens in all of its auditoriums, including the 70-by-30-foot screens--the largest in the Valley--in two theaters.


“Our 700-seat showcase auditoriums are just incredible, especially with the stadium seating,” said Baker.

For the opening week, “Titanic” will be played in one of the two showcase auditoriums, with “Blues Brothers 2000" shown in the other, said Wood. “Replacement Killers” will be shown in the complex’s 500-seat auditorium, he said.

Wood said ticket prices at Winnetka 20 will be the same as other Pacific theaters: $7.50 for adults, $5 for students and $4.50 for seniors and children 12 and younger. Early-bird ticket prices for the first two showings, except for special engagements, will be $4.50.

There will be three large concession stands featuring Pink’s hot dogs, Baker said. Pink’s and Pacific entered into an agreement to sell the famous hot dogs, which previously have been sold only at the hot dog stand on La Brea Avenue, a Hollywood landmark, Baker said.

“One of our consultants had a very good relationship with Pacific Theatres,” said Pink’s owner Richard Pink. “Pacific saw how they can differentiate themselves from other theaters and said, ‘Let’s be the first theater to offer this unique hot dog.’ ”