Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Why did the elephant wear tennies? Because elevenies were too big and nine-ies were too small. (Alexander James Gronbach, 7, Hermosa Beach, Hermosa View School)

* What kind of ball do chickens use to play soccer? A fowl ball. (Sarah Marquez, 10, North Hollywood, Colfax School)

* A mushroom went to a dance and asked a girl to dance with him. The girl said, “I can’t dance with you. You’re a mushroom.” The mushroom replied, “Come on, I’m a fungi.” (John Mendenhall, 8, Hemet, Baptist Christian School).

* What did one lamp say to another lamp? “You turn me on.” (Shyam Brahmbhatt, 11, San Clemente, Concordia Elementary)


* Why did the boy stand on his tippy-toes? Because he wanted to be a foot taller. (Samantha Tebo, 7, Oxnard, Emilie Ritchen School)

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