Getting to Aquarium

In follow-up to one reader’s “Fishing for Directions” to the new Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific (Saturday Letters, June 27), we are happy to report that the 710 South takes you onto Shoreline Drive, from which you can directly enter the “neon-lighted wave entrance” to the city’s new parking garage directly across from the aquarium’s entrance.

By public transit, it’s even simpler by taking the Blue Line south to Pine and First Avenue, where you can catch the free Passport Runabout or walk for about 10 minutes.

Bicycles can be rented at the Blue Line station, and from the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village there is even a “water taxi” to the aquarium for only a dollar.

Half the fun of our new aquarium is getting here!



President & CEO, Long Beach

Aquarium of the Pacific