Working Mothers’ Advisor Wipes Out

One cannot help but think Muriel S. Savikas is out to create her own wave and ride it all the way to the bank [“Psychologist Teaches Working Mothers to Control the Ride During Guilt Trips,” Balancing Act, July 5].

Instead of making sure both parents get equal physical and legal custody of their children, thereby freeing up more time for the custodial parent, she feeds the superwoman myth by saying you can have it all and you shouldn’t feel guilty about not being able to spend meaningful time with your children. What a great way to cash in on the rampant problem of single parenthood.

As a “professional mediator in divorce and child custody disputes,” I wonder how often she recommends sole custody or joint physical custody with visitation every other weekend. Research consistently shows children need to be raised by both parents, and standard custody (every other weekend) does not provide enough time to develop a meaningful relationship between the noncustodial parent and child.

The ones that should be feeling guilty are Ms. Savikas for trying to make a quick buck off bad, albeit popular, advice and the Los Angeles Times for giving her free advertising.



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Alliance for Non-Custodial

Parents Rights


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