Former Cadet Found Guilty of Killing Girl

<i> From Associated Press</i>

Like his vengeful ex-fiancee before him, a former Air Force Academy cadet was found guilty of murder Friday in the killing of a 16-year-old girl.

David Graham, 20, was accused of shooting Adrianne Jones twice in the head at a remote lake in December 1995 at the demand of Diane Zamora, who prosecutors said wrongly suspected the two once had a sexual liaison.

Zamora was convicted in February in Jones’ killing and is serving a life sentence.

Graham was calm as the jury announced its verdict, which brings an automatic life sentence. Prosecutors did not seek the death penalty, partly at the request of the victim’s family.


The jury began deliberating Thursday and met for about 10 hours before returning the verdict. Jurors had the option of convicting Graham on a lesser charge of murder or aggravated kidnapping.

Jones’ parents and two brothers spoke in court after the verdict was announced, thanking the jury and addressing Graham directly.

“I can’t hate an animal, for they are ignorant, dumb and blind,” Jones’ brother, Justin, said to Graham.

A second brother, Scott Jones, his voice breaking, said of Graham, “He ruined so many lives, so many families, and unlike my brother, I can hate an animal and I can hate David Graham.”


The slaying occurred while they were all in high school in the Fort Worth area. Graham and Zamora were arrested in September 1996 after Graham began attending the Air Force Academy and Zamora had gone to the Naval Academy.

Defense attorneys contended Graham was not present when Jones was slain.