Secret Service Agent Cockell Is Back Protecting Clinton

<i> Associated Press</i>

Secret Service agent Larry Cockell, who had stepped aside as head of the presidential protective detail to testify in the Monica S. Lewinsky investigation, is back on the job.

The 17-year Secret Service veteran returned to his accustomed spot--very close to President Clinton--on an outing Tuesday night.

It had been widely assumed when Cockell went off the detail two weeks ago that he would be back once his testimony to two grand juries was completed.

Cockell resumed his duties when Clinton addressed a senior citizen group, riding in the president’s limousine in the motorcade that snaked through downtown Washington to the speech at a hotel.


Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr’s interest in Cockell stems from the fact that he had ridden back to the White House with the president and his attorneys on Jan. 17 after Clinton had finished giving his deposition in the Paula Corbin Jones sexual harassment lawsuit. Starr is investigating whether Clinton lied in the testimony when he denied a sexual relationship with former White House intern Lewinsky, and whether Lewinsky lied by denying an affair.

Brian Stafford, who previously had been head of the presidential protective detail, took Cockell’s place until his return.