Single- Minded

Flashy clothes, flashy show.

Frank Caterinicchio and Cosmo Lombino introduced their Kozmo label’s Street-to-Club collection last week at Odessa Restaurant and Nightclub in Laguna Beach.

Vervy lighting and web-like chandeliers set the mood as male and female models--some in unisex-styled mechanics’ overalls--strolled among the crowd before making it to the catwalk.

The fashion show, choreographed by Rodney Chester, showcased the line’s hipified blue-collar styles, as well as lacy slip dresses and open-sided dresses and, for men, silk long-sleeved shirts and shiny suits.


“We fuse the street look with the club look,” Caterinicchio says. “You can wear it during the day and still look hip at night.” Wrinkle-free synthetic fabrics make that all possible.

Caterinicchio says the “uniseason” mechanics overalls and jail suits--inspired by the Pima County jail in Arizona--"are a single piece that you can throw on and go.”

He digs the pockets too. “Women like the accordion cargo pockets because they expand to hold everything, making it possible to leave purses at home,” he says.

Fans of the label include members of Motley Crue and Boyz II Men. Lombino created designs--patterned after firefighter uniforms--in blue, green, white and black for R&B; vocal group All-4-One’s upcoming album cover.


Kozmo is available at boutiques in seven states including Ivory Moon in Laguna Beach.