Pint-Sized Punch Lines

What is a sheep’s least favorite sport? Baaadmutton. (Lindsay Apatow, 8, West Los Angeles, Overland Avenue Elementary)

* Why doesn’t an elephant get paid? Because he works for peanuts. (Briana Ponce DeLeon, 7, Rancho Palos Verdes, Mary Star of the Sea Elementary)

* If you are at a birthday party and you can tell what color your plate is, what’s wrong? You don’t have enough cake and ice cream. (Carly Shultz, 8, Redondo Beach, Carden School)

* What goes “meow meow” all day long? A tape recording of a cat. (Aliza Margolin Zangwill, 7, Oakland, Joaquin Miller Elementary)


* How did the baby cactus learn to howl like a coyote? It hugged its mother. (Olivia Courtney Forman, 5, Los Angeles, Westside Jewish Community Center Kindergarten)

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