Here's your chance to step inside 100 Orange County high schools. Maybe your school--or one near and dear to your heart. And you have a chance to meet some of the outstanding students--a few who have racked up more accomplishments by age 18 than most people will in a lifetime. You'll find the names of more than 26,000 students who have made it, one way or another--and for plenty, it was not a simple journey--to June of their senior year. The lesson? The tests were only tests. It isn't the end that's near. It's the beginning.


Standout seniors were selected by The Times from nominations made by schools in the areas of leadership, academics and arts.

Senior names were supplied by schools based on computer records. The lists may contain the names of some students who, for various reasons, will not be in the graduating class. School information was supplied by administrators, yearbook staffs and students.

Schools with fewer than 25 students in their senior class and continuation schools are represented only by their senior class lists. Some small specialty schools declined to or were unable to participate.

Not all valedictorian names were available. Those included are based on academic work completed through the third quarter. Some grade-point averages are weighted, meaning additional credit has been given for advanced course work.


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The assistance of school yearbook staffs and advisors, counseling and records staffs was invaluable in producing this section.

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