Words of Wisdom

"You only live once, so do everything right the first time." --Jatinder Kaur of Anaheim High

"Don't become overwhelmed by school, work and outside activities. Take it one step at a time and prioritize. Don't stress out, because that will lead to problems." --Jose Luis Martinez of Century High School

"Pay attention to detail. In art, it makes the picture come alive." --Melissa McAnally of Edison High

"Stand strong in the face of adversity and conquer it. Be a positive example." --Isi Nau of Savanna High

"Be a macho--one who is noble to himself, his loved ones and his community." --Kim Nhat Nguyen LeLe of Garden Grove High

"Nothing is impossible. Everyone has a different art style, just like everyone has a different face." --Jinman Kim of Irvine High

"Trust in yourself. Once that is accomplished, nothing can stand in your way."--Patricia Nham of Los Amigos High

"A life without a friend is a life without a sun." --Suzan Luu of Orange High

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